This One Thing In Your Bedroom Is F*cking Up Your Hair And Skin

The very best thing about going on vacation is chilling in a pristine hotel bed. The feeling of being swaddled in white sheets sends our senses directly to relaxation mode.

Why do we love beds so much?

Well, for starters, we spend roughly 26 years of our lives asleep. It’s only natural our original bae was bed.

Still, we should stop and think about what we’re spending so much time lying on. Our beds are cesspools of filth, no matter how often we wash the sheets.

Believe it or not, the number one culprit behind bedhead and bad skin is the pillow.

Bugs call your pillow home.

Here’s a fun little stat to share on your next Bumble date.

According to Arthur Tucker, principal clinical scientist at St. Bart's and the London Hospitals, over a third of your pillow’s weight is comprised of dust mites, dead skin and bugs.

What’s worse, these gross things live inside of the pillow.

Body temperature makes pillows the perfect place for bugs to Netflix and chill, especially when we sleep on top of them all night.

Plus, pillows cause wrinkles.

How many times do you find yourself waking up with your face planted into your pillow? Turns out, that can contribute to your wrinkles.

Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetics and clinical research at Mt. Sinai Hospital told Allure that, "Anecdotally, I see patients with more wrinkles and general flattening on the side of their face that they sleep on."

Zeichner suggests sleeping on your back, as that's the best option for combatting aging.

A cotton case is a terrible idea.

A cotton pillowcase strips moisture from your locks, making them dry and frizzy.

Your best bet is a satin pillowcase. Sure, it's not as fluffy, but it's way nicer on your hair. Because satin is so smooth, your hair won’t get tangled if you’re lying against it.

Cotton also creases your skin, giving you that oh-so-sexy cheek crease when you wake up. Satin will help you avoid that kind of overnight "tattoo."

And it could be behind those weird pimples.

Did you know your phone is straight up the dirtiest thing you own?

Studies show your phone can be a key contributor to your acne. A horrifying combination of oil, makeup and bacteria is constantly pressed up against your skin.

Do you think your pillow is any better?

It only makes sense pillows are just as f*cked up as phones. After all, they’re squished against your face during the few hours you’re not using your iPhone.

Try changing your pillowcase as often as you can.

That bald patch? Blame your pillow.

Your hair rubs against your pillow as you sleep, right? That's not a good thing.

According to American Hair Loss Association, the contact point at the back of your head is prime territory for bald spots.

Try using a silk pillowcase, as it reduces the amount of friction to your follicles.