Sarah Jessica Parker's Sexy New Perfume Sold Out Online In A Matter Of Days

A decade ago, a fragrance called Lovely hit the shelves of beauty stores. Its hourglass shape and blush color couldn't have been more ladylike, and the world instantly fell in love.

Lovely wasn't just any old perfume, but a celebrity perfume — one of the rare good ones. Sarah Jessica Parker, the face behind the scent, became a celebrated force in the industry. She followed the launch with other feminine perfumes, like Lovely Liquid Satin, Lovely Sheer and Covet.

This year, however, Parker's doing something a little different. On August 28, she released Stash, a sexy, musky perfume designed for both men and women, available exclusively through Ulta.

Within days, the amber-colored bottle was totally sold out online.

Call it the "Carrie Bradshaw effect" (everything SJP touches turns to gold) or dumb luck, but Stash seems to be a hit. The body odor-inspired scent received largely positive reviews, with the exception of one errant comment that it “literally smells like pickles."

I haven't detected any hints of dill pickle from the fragrance, but I'm definitely sold on its sexy, understated appeal. Instead of being overtly perfume-y, Stash smells a lot like the collar of the best-looking man you've ever kissed: zesty and hot-blooded.

The perfume, which Parker calls “addictive,” bears top notes of sage, black pepper and grapefruit zest balanced out with middle notes of patchouli and cedar wood atlas. A bit of musk, vetiver and olibanum (frankincense) also come out to play.

Parker said in a press release,

This fragrance is about taking risks and expressing a more knowing, confident and sophisticated version of yourself. I feel this new fragrance is a real rule breaker. It is unapologetically sexy.

With all this talk of finding your signature scent, there's a very good chance Stash might be mine. It's sexy and effortless, like that annoying girl in your office who never does her hair yet it's still always perfectly tousled.

If I can purchase a little of that for my life, I'm set.