40,000 Women Are Still Obsessed With Using This Perfume As A Signature Scent


Raise your hand if you've ever found yourself wandering the fragrance aisle of a Sephora.

You're simultaneously convinced you're not a woman without a signature scent, but terrified a store employee will talk to you.

Sure, they're in the perfume section to help, but can't a real female just find it for herself? That one, magic perfume will set her apart from others, just like you can't pass a single old lady wearing Chanel without looking around for your grandmother.

According to digital beauty database, one of the most consistently beloved, bestselling scents on its shelves is Chloé's Eau de Parfum.

Boasting 40,000 “loves” and a near-five star rating, the 2008 scent is still billed as one of the most classically beautiful on the market.

The blush pink bottle (tied with a ribbon, of course) mixes top notes of peony and freesia with middle notes of rose and sexy base notes of amber and honey. If this fragrance had a slogan, in other words, it would be, “Lady in the street, freak in the sheets.”

It's the good girl gone bad, to borrow Rihanna's slogan, a woman in a demure cocktail dress with lace lingerie underneath.

Reviewers rave about the utility of the fragrance, which works both at work and dinner because it's so subtle, and they note it lasts pretty much all day. Weirdly, Amazon specifically recommends it for “romantic wear,” which is open to interpretation.

Sephora reviewer TheaCast writes, admittedly a bit enthusiastically,

OH. MY. LANTA. It was as if the skies parted ways, Angels came down playing their heavenly trumpets, and down came The Almighty with a single purpose: to introduce Chloé to my life. It is the perfect amount of florals, without smelling like your grandmother captured you in an unexpected monster hug.

Other Sephora community members say the powdery fragrance "makes me irresistible,” “is feminine but not too sweet” and "is so addictive”.

If you've tried Chloé, add your voice to the perfume fan club. Or, let me know the scent that takes you from day to night.