Role Reversal: If Women's Roles In Hollywood Movies Were Played By Men (Video)

by Katie Gonzalez

This BuzzFeed-produced clip presents the most epic role-reversals in Hollywood movies. But instead of switching up plot lines, this vid shows you what it'd be like if the genders were literally swapped in some of the industry's most memorable film scenes.

From two guys making out in a pool in "Wild Things" as a woman voyeur records, to a female vampire remaking how she creepily loves watching her paramour sleep in a play off "Twilight," this clip will have you questioning everything you remember about some of your favorite films.

On a more serious level, by making the character reversal so pronounced, this montage does a great job of highlighting how we're OK when Hollywood places women in hyper-sexualized roles, but totally weirded out when it's guys who are the subjects of our objectification.

Well played.