Ridiculous Washington Post Headline Blames Women For The Violence Against Them

The Washington Post is not winning over any women these days.

In the same week the newspaper published an op-ed by George Will asserting that being a rape victim is a "coveted status" on college campuses, it ran an article suggesting ways to stop violence against women.

The piece was originally posted under the headline (which you can still see in the URL),

"The best way to end violence against women: stop taking lovers and get married." The article's headline has since been edited to "One way to end violence against women? Married dads."

The article recalls the Elliot Rodger shooting and the empowering #YesAllWomen hashtag, but in mentioning these things and then running under a completely sexist, slut-shaming headline, this post entirely misses the point.

We should end violence against women by not commodifying and sexualizing them — and that's something men, the media and even women themselves will have to agree to do.

We shouldn't talk about domestic abuse or sexual violence like it has an easier solution, one that is women's duty to make sure never happens to them.

In order to stop these horrific crimes against women, we instead need a systemic change that all of society engages in. It won't be easy, and the burden shouldn't just fall on the unfortunate females who are affected.

H/T: Washington Post, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It