Reddit Finally Bans Misogynistic Forum Dedicated To Beating Women

A Reddit community forum focusing on violence against women has been shut down by the site.

The infamous subreddit, r/beatingwomen, was banned from Reddit Monday evening. The online community gained notoriety — but still unfortunately attracted many followers and contributors — because it featured photos of women being beaten.

Although it's great that this perverse online community is no longer in business, able to to further encourage the sick tendencies of some seriously deranged and women-hating individuals, this subreddit was not removed because the site's founders had a conscious that kicked in.

Rather, the r/beatingwomen forum was taken offline because one poster broke the site rules, and uploaded the personal contact information of a site user.

Reddit administrator and community manager Alex Angel (known on Reddit as cupcake1713) explained the reasons behind the ban in a message to forum users:

"After we banned those individual moderators for their actions, YOU IDIOTS ADDED THEM BACK ON NEW ACCOUNTS TO KEEP MODERATING YOUR SUBREDDIT.

"Your mod list is full of people who have been banned and banned and banned again, and you can't be trusted to keep things on the up and up. That is why your subreddit is banned."

This ban comes three years after a post entitled, "These are real women. These are real crimes. Make this stop, reddit," reached Reddit's front page.

That was in August 2011, and nothing was done back then; since then, users have continued to upload grotesque images, often of men punching and kicking women.

I'm glad that this horrible forum is no longer online, but I wish it had come sooner.

via Daily Dot, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It