It Takes A Month Of Social Media Wooing To Make Someone Fall In Love

According to new research, millennials are no longer falling in love the old-fashion way with a phone call and a series of dates.

The study, conducted by U.K based Pixmania, found it takes 224 tweets, 163 text messages, 70 Facebook messages, 37 emails and only 30 phone calls for a couple to finally bite the bullet.  We guess face-to-face interaction really is overrated.

Things have really changed since our parents began wooing each other. Couples over the age of 55 (who dated in the 70s and 80s) specified that it took, on average, two and a half months, or 78 days, to achieve boyfriend/girlfriend status. Ever the efficient generation, Gen-Y lovebirds reported it takes an average of merely 24 days to enter coupledom.

While our parents had to make an effort over time to get to know their prospective partner, we have the accelerated option of constantly being in contact with one another.

Or, we could just take those 224 tweets, amass them into roughly 39 pages of love letters, combine them with our 163 texts detailing all the things we want to do to each other along with the clothes we want to tear off and then we'll have our very own personalized "50 Shades of Grey" love story. Now that's one way to fall in love (and a whole lot more succinct)!

Via The Telegraph, Photo courtesy Photo Bucket