The Ray Rice-Inspired Makeup Tutorial Shows What Domestic Violence Looks Like


The early 2014 NFL season has brought to light a horrible domestic violence situation going on in professional football.

Megan MacKay, a videoblogger and comedian, has created a parody video called “Ray Rice Inspired Makeup Tutorial” to “honor” victims of domestic violence, address the situation and respond to former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and his domestic violence scandal.

She said,

The first step, as always, is foundation. I'm using a new shade I just got called The NFL. I really like this color, because it'll cover up anything.

In the video, MacKay gives tips on how we can help victims through their tough times, instead of blaming the victims and interrogating them on why they choose to be with their partners.

She also talks about how poorly the NFL has managed the situation and how the media has portrayed it, saying,

Don't forget to throw on some mascara, I'm using [the color] mismanaged rage... The American news source most dedicated to truthful journalism turned out to be TMZ... When you put on a wedding ring, the guy can do anything he wants to you -- and it's automatically your fault. Say he knocked you out cold in an elevator and then everyone found out about it. And people started blaming you, because you put on the wedding ring, so you were kind of asking for it, you know?

Watch MacKay’s response to the Ray Rice domestic abuse scandal in the video above.

H/T: Huffington Post