Quadruple Amputee Looks Stunning As She Walks The Runway During NY Fashion Week (Photos)

Karen Crespo has just become the first quadruple amputee to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week, and she's on top of the world.

Crespo's journey to Fashion Week began in February, when fashion designer Carrie Hammer featured a female model in a wheelchair on the runway for her Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

Hammer, who has shared her inspiring story with Elite Daily in the past, works to create designs for women who are often ignored by the high fashion market.

Crespo sent Hammer an email, thanking her for giving a physically disabled person a chance in the fashion world. The two exchanged correspondence and eventually met.

After bacterial meningitis took her arms and legs, Crespo was living without prosthetic limbs. She'd ordered $100,000 worth of prosthetics to her home, only to have them stolen off her porch.

This is where Hammer stepped in. She helped fit Crespo with new limbs and invited her to walk in the Fall/Winter Fashion Week show.

Wearing a richly colored red dress, Crespo walked the runway like she owned it.

Crespo took the stage to MIA's "Bad Girls."

She wore a red dress similar to Hammer's own.

As she cheekily winked at the crowd, Crespo's face didn't seem to have room for anything other than focus and joy.

She celebrated her milestone with the help of her friend, Hammer.

Check out how Crespo's amazing journey began:

Photos Courtesy: Carrie Hammer