Pumpkin Spice Makeup Is Bringing Basic To A New Level This Fall

Just in case chugging Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes isn't enough to fill your fall-themed activity quota, you can now buy pumpkin spice highlighter on Etsy.

It's safe to say that this makeup – called "pumpkin latte" – is just the beginning of our full transformation into pumpkin spice people. I'm honestly scared for my life... and pumpkin spice latte season has literally JUST started.

You can purchase the powder on Etsy from FeatherRiverBody. The store sells mineral makeup and pigmented eyeshadow for $5 before shipping and taxes. I think that's pretty appropriate, since that's just about the amount of money a PSL costs anyway.

According to the product page, the orange, shimmery highlighter lasts all day and doesn't crease. And – like most quality makeup – it's blendable and buildable. The seller also suggests using it as an eyeshadow.

Since I have auburn hair, orange really isn't my color. But this Insta-worthy highlighter is definitely worth a try.

Of course, it's especially appropriate for the occasions where you'll be sipping on a PSL.

Don't lie: You'll probably buy one at least once a week. They're seriously addictive.

So, makeup world, what are we going to see next? We already have vagina-inspired makeup and mermaid-inspired makeup.

I'm hoping that the next makeup trend will be inspired by avocados. What else could a basic, PSL-drinking woman need?

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