Project Breastfeeding Helps Men Understand And Accept The Necessary Nurturing Of Breastfeeding


Fathers who were feeling left out that their wives get to breastfeed (according to my mother, it's not all it's cracked up to be, gentlemen) can now find solace at Project Breastfeed, which aims to de-stigmatize the practice.

They're here to remind us that we shouldn't feel weird when a woman whips out her boob in public to feed her child. It's just mealtime, after all -- like accidentally nip-slipping during a food fight in the cafeteria or whatever.

Project Breastfeed works to educate men and empower women on the subject of breastfeeding.

Using gender-bending images (think fathers shirtless with their kids), the organization calls awareness to the normalcy and acceptance of breastfeeding.

Project Breastfeed was started by Hector Cruz, father of two, after his wife became pregnant and he wanted to play a more active role in the feeding of his child.

"When it comes to breastfeeding we think its none of our business, so we think that it's not our duty -- but that's so not true," Cruz told the Daily Mail.

Breastfeeding is a natural way of nourishing your child. Project Breastfeed reminds us to not be such a boob about the whole thing.

via Today, Photos Courtesy: Project Breastfeed