Pretty Little Liars: 10 Common White Lies Every Woman Tells

by Jen Ruiz

What is it that makes little white lies so enticing? Is it the convenience of not having to tell the truth? Or is there a more benevolent reason behind our fibbing?

Perhaps the truth isn't always worth it and we're just happy to have a way out. Either way, it's undeniable that many a woman tells a little white lie on a regular basis.

And, it's nothing of which to feel ashamed. Sometimes, you're doing the recipient a kind deed by sparing him or her from your otherwise brutal honesty. In those situations, a tendency to blur realities should be encouraged, not deterred.

Other times, we're more concerned with sparing ourselves from the consequences of the truth.

In this case, I must warn you that despite the recent media glamorization of deception in shows like "Revenge" and "Pretty Little Liars," the old saying still holds true: "Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!"

With that in mind, here are 10 little white lies women tell on a regular basis:

1. "I'm on my way."

When a woman tells you this, what she really means is, she didn't realize you were already on your way and is just now starting to wrap things up at home. It'll be another 15 minutes, at least, before she's really on her way.

2. "That's the cutest baby I've ever seen."

When you see a new baby, there isn't much else you can say, so if all your friends are married or getting pregnant, you will probably repeat this line quite a few times.

Let's be honest: When you saw that baby, "cute" was the last word that came to mind. Nevertheless, you have the phrasing and intonation down pat: "That is the cutest baby I have ever seen; that is the cutest baby I have ever seen..."

3."She's not that pretty."

We tell this to our girlfriends who have lost men to other women, especially if the woman is actually drop dead gorgeous. No need to pour salt in the wound.

4. "I didn't get your text."

We totally got your text. We not only got it, we made a conscious decision to either open it or delete it right away, for fear of sending a “read” receipt. It's 2014; you can safely assume that all your texts go through, unless the Earth is suddenly attacked by aliens or something.

5. "I'll start my diet tomorrow."

Ah, the ever-present tomorrow. As little orphan Annie said, you're only a day away! We don't feel as guilty if we tell ourselves the clean-eating procrastination will only last 24 hours, even if that rarely turns out to be the case.

6. "I'm putting the finishing touches on that project."

Whether at work, home or an organization with which you volunteer, when you say you're just about done with something, you're really just starting now. You try to make some headway, since apparently, you're behind — yikes!

7. "I made this from scratch."

Sandra Lee ain't got nothing on you. Semi-homemade dishes suddenly become delicacies alleged to have been baked from scratch, right before your eyes. Truly, it's a talent.

8. "I'm busy tonight."

Most of the time, “busy” means hanging out with a bottle of wine and Netflix reruns. Ain't no shame in your relaxation game.

9. "I'm fine. I don't care."

We are not fine and we most certainly do care.

10. "Your dish was delicious; what's your secret?"

Whether you're meeting the boyfriend's parents or simply attending a neighborhood potluck, you're bound to run across one or two questionable culinary items. No matter how strange they taste, you'll have to pretend to like them.

It's perfectly fine to tell little white lies, and at times, it's even preferable to the truth. Don't worry; your secret is safe with me!

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It