Plus-Size Model Lands A Bikini Shot On Cover Of Elle Quebec (Photo)

Glossy magazines aren't known for propagating the seemingly "normal" body images of everyday women — after all, Photoshopping practices run rampant and a health magazine even denied a woman's after-photo due to her very common excess skin following a drastic weight loss.

So perhaps it's unsurprising that one fashion mag's decision to feature a plus-size model — in a bikini, no less — has made the news.

This month's cover girl for Elle Quebec is plus-size model Ashley Graham, who poses on the front page smiling in a black bikini.

While the appearance of a healthy, average-size individual shouldn't come as a shock to us, it certainly stands out among the many skinny celebs, whose stomachs and arms are often shaved down to satisfy an even skinnier ideal, on the typical magazine pages.

But perhaps this cover-gracing choice was simply the result of a growing cultural divide.

According to various observations, international magazines are becoming more likely to feature "regular" sizes on their covers and in their editorial spreads, whereas in the US, slimming stars and models down via Photoshop remains the standard.

H/T: She Finds, Photo Courtesy: Facebook