Photo Series Shows Women Loving Their Own Bodies In Front Of A Mirror

by Emily Arata

The female body exists in media and in our sex-saturated world.

Listening to a thousand opinions of beauty while seeing heavily edited images sometimes makes it feel as if our bodies don't even belong to us anymore.

In mid-October, Lithuanian photographer Neringa Rekašiūtė teamed up with television host Beata Tiškevič Hasanova and communications specialist Modesta Kairyte to create the photo series Mes Moterys ("We.Women"), which challenges women to acknowledge and own the way their bodies look in a full-length mirror.

Rekašiūtė told Kulturpolis she hopes to help women see their bodies as just one of many facets that make up their multi-dimensional selves.

She continued,

Every day in the streets, stands, display cabinets, online, on television and in the press, we see the beauty of a woman standardized polished samples. It's sort of mass hypnosis.

Rekašiūtė asked women to be brave and face themselves.

Rekašiūtė photographs the female body because it's something of a cultural battleground.

She said, "[The] woman's body -- it is like a permanent place for fighting between tradition and modernity, between religious and secular."

" long she was portrayed in art as [a] passive and mostly naked object of admiration."

Tiškevič Hasanova, too, wants women to think outside their own bodies, adding, "We are not our body, because the body only gives form rather than content."

We can all learn a lesson from the women standing tall and proud in these photos.

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