This Pepper Spray Does Its Job And Snaps A Photo Of Attackers As Well

by Katie Gonzalez

While technology is sometimes used for more silly and inane activities (because are people seriously still using Snapchat?!), sometimes it's harnessed for a greater good like in this little device's case, to make women more safe.

Already exceeding its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, the Defender promises to revolutionize how women protect themselves, allowing them to seek justice against their assailants.

The Defender is a pepper spray device that syncs to its owner's iPhone. In the horrible chance that a woman has to pepper spray an attacker, the Defender actually takes a photo of the person receiving the spray.

That way, if the culprit gets away, the woman still has a photo conveniently sent to her iPhone, which she can promptly share with the police.

When the image is uploaded, it also triggers a GPS "24/7 monitoring service," so the person who deployed the pepper spray can have help on the way and authorities can start tracking the scumbag.

As long as you're on iOS or Android, you can get in on this amazing invention for the very reasonable price of $159.

H/T: The Daily Dot