Girl Trying To Peel Off Super Sticky Face Mask Proves Beauty Really Is Pain

by Emily Arata

Nothing about being a woman is easy, particularly when it comes to maintaining flawless skin. Models like Gigi Hadid make a glowing complexion look effortless, as does plenty of beauty packaging.

In reality, staying pretty means face masks, regular exfoliation, $30 eyebrow waxes and lip scrubs. It's impossible to stay Instagram-perfect without working hard for it.

That's the lesson recently learned by Cachet Raynor, a Maryland teenager who's gone viral on Twitter for posting a laugh-out-loud video of her trying to take off a face mask.

The peel-off concoction, which she purchased online, was designed to be left on for an hour. But when the time was up, Raynor found the facial treatment to be just a little bit too tight on her skin.

The resulting two minutes of "ow" are a hilarious reminder that looking pretty has a real price tag, particularly if you're any kind of real human with hair on your face.

To date, the video's been retweeted more than 50,000 times. The face mask, however, isn't so lucky.

Customers call Raynor's Pilaten Suction Black Mask, which has a mere three stars on Amazon, "trash" that's "very painful" to remove.

The peel-off mask dilemma seems to be a common problem, judging by the incredible response to Raynor's video. Someone even responded with an Amazon review of a similar product. Just try to keep a straight face while reading this.

@Cachet___ "I have PTSD after pulling this off my face." — Fresh Bread (@merbae_) September 7, 2016

Next time, Raynor should probably pick a clay mask that washes off instead of taking her entire top layer of skin with it.

Also, just as a side note, any mask that needs to be left on for 60 minutes probably isn't a great idea — just for the sake of sheer convenience.

Happy masking, ladies.

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