People Are Using Peaches On Instagram To Make Fun Of Booty Standards


The Internet cannot get enough of the booty.

Butts have existed since humankind's beginning, but pop culture has spent the last few years openly ogling them in astonishment. It's sort of like the wallpaper your mom put up when you were in grade school, which you realized is very pretty only last week.

By now, social media's booty standards have gotten a little out of control. We're living in the age of Jen Selter, a woman who's made an entire career out of taking photos of her bottom, and Kim Kardashian, who's made an entire career out of smart decisions and the occasional nude selfie.

And, because we love to drag in innocent bystanders, we've come to associate the peach's curvaceous shape with the perfect derriere. Wide on the sides, deeply rounded — this is the professional bodybuilder's butt, and everyone seems to crave it. Even the peach emoji hasn't escaped association. After all, it's Kim's personal symbol on Snapchat.

But for those who squat and squat without juicy, rounded results, the battle for a peach butt is Sisyphean. Why even bother, when you could just hold an actual peach in front of your butt?

That brings us to #PeachButt, my new favorite internet trend. Unless you're a professional fitness model, genetically blessed or have purchased a fat-transferring Brazilian butt lift (cough, Kardashian, cough), you might as well poke fun at the perfect booty.

The trend began in Japan, where doting parents placed peaches over their babies' butts in an affectionate gesture.

Never one to be left out, supermodel Karlie Kloss hopped on the movement.

The fitness lovers followed suit.

Who says this is a "no boys allowed" club?

Why squat for a butt when you could just buy one in a supermarket? It's a low-budget version of implants.

Don't be afraid to gift the perfect booty to your pets, either.

Oh, Instagram. Never lose your sense of humor.

Peach butt, or die trying.

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