How Much Would You Pay For A Lunch With Jenna Lyons?


Jenna Lyons is the super tall, super chic, super talked about Creative Director of J.Crew’s preppy aesthetic. She’s certainly interesting and well loved amongst the fashion industry, but interesting enough to pay to have lunch with her?

The charity auction site "Charitybuzz," which raises funds for nonprofit organizations around the world through online auctions involving celebrities and luxury brands, is now accepting bids to have "the ultimate J.Crew experience."

The winner of this bid will have the opportunity to tour the brand’s New York City offices, go behind the scenes of a photo shoot, and have lunch with President and Executive Creative Director, Jenna Lyons.

Of course, Miss Lyons is a busy woman, so the legal stipulations are as follows: the meeting with Lyons cannot exceed one hour, and “every effort will be made to schedule this experience at the earliest possible date,” which may take a year.

The current bid of the prize is at $1,600, but according to the website, the experience is valued at $10,000. Proceeds of this auction will benefit IS 289 Hudson River Middle School.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images