A New Hair Hack Called 'Pancaking' Helps You Fake A Thicker Braid

Braids are never going out of style, especially not in the world of Pinterest.

There, braid tutorials reign supreme.

Recreating those thick, voluminous plaits spotted on fashion runways is no easy task. This brings me to a new trick called pancaking.

Basically, this simple technique turns your skinny braids into a fuller, more dramatic style.

The technique is low-key genius for all braiding-impaired folks with mermaid manes.

But, if your hair is layered or super short, head back to your Pinterest board for another DIY technique.

Is this a Disney princess? Nope, just a really talented woman.

Cosmo breaks down how it's done. Start with your usual tight braids.

Then, pull apart each section of the braid with your thumb and pointer finger.

Be sure to tuck in any stray hairs or strands that are too loose.

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