#ManBraid Is The New Man Bun: Men Are Now French Braiding Their Hair

by Emily Arata

In an act strangely reminiscent of the way apes evolved into humans, men are finally learning to do their hair.

Gone are the terrible days of $10 haircuts and buzz cuts. Instead of shearing off their glossy locks, many men are starting to enjoy the process of grooming them.

Armed with pomade and mousse -- not to mention style blogs -- men have become creative.

First, long hair came back into vogue. And when guys inevitably tired of having it in their faces, the man bun steamrollered its way into pop culture.

Then, many dudes embraced the buzz cut around the sides while leaving the top long.

But as any woman with bangs knows, even the most modern haircuts grow out, leaving you with impossible hair that won't stay in hairbands or obey spray.

Like their female counterparts, men are finally turning to the braid to keep their dreaded "in-between hair" manageable.

What's more, they're sharing those looks on social media.

#ManBraid is the trendiest style on Instagram.

In the wake of the short-on-the-sides, long-on-top style popular last year, men had to find a practical way to grow their hair out.

So, they settled on a solution: French braiding the excess hair back.

It's a smart idea, actually, because the style provides both volume and convenience.

The 'do is edgy without being too in-your-face.

If you're exceptionally agile or happen to be besties with a hair stylist, you can even get a little complex.

After decades of getting stuck with an identical set of haircuts, it's refreshing to see men showing interest in definitive personal style.

Accordingly, there isn't just one single kind of #ManBraid.

If you're looking for the Jared Leto-style elegant plait, it's entirely doable.

After the summer sun creates natural highlights, it's especially impressive.

We are curious about one thing, though.

Who are these men so skilled in the art of the complicated self-French braid?

Please, come forward so we can ask you out promptly.

We like the little hint of Khal Drogo.

And, of course, there's nothing like a man who knows how to use his hands.