Oprah Producer Brad Opperman Pavone and Luke Pavones’ Beautiful Wedding Video Will Make You Melt With Love

Who doesn’t enjoy a heartfelt wedding video filled with love and genuine happiness to brighten your day? Combine that with not one, but two hunky men in suits, and you’ve got Oscar-worthy footage.

Brad Opperman Pavone, a producer for “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” married his partner Luke Pavone in an uplifting civil union ceremony in Chicago last May.

The couple’s wedding video is so touching and beautifully composed that it deserves a standing ovation. Seriously, if their wonderfully written vows don’t tug at your heartstrings, then the Coldplay soundtrack in the background will definitely do the trick.

At the time, Illinois’ laws on same-sex marriage only allowed the pair to be united under a civil union (meaning the state does not currently recognize gay marriage as legal). New polls, however, are showing a significant increase in support for marriage equality in the state, which could change Illinois’ matrimony legislature. In fact, this video comes at a crucial time in the state’s history as the Illinois House is back in fall session and has the opportunity to vote on marriage equality in the upcoming weeks.

Regardless of the vote’s outcome, we know one thing: Brad and Luke Pavones’ wedding is what true love is really all about.