All The Gorgeous Handbags Olivia Pope Carries On 'Scandal' You Could Never Afford

by Elite Daily Staff

Olivia Pope might hold a desk job, but her luxury handbag collection says otherwise.

For almost three years now, we've seen her run around Washington DC clutching the most gorgeous purses like they're hot dogs from a street cart -- and it's about time we call her out on it.

Girlfriend, put down the Prada before you go clean up another bloody murder scene!

Olivia Pope is a real stand-out lady and her hard-to-miss handbags are no different. From long-stemmed wine glasses to statement coats, Kerry Washington's character on "Scandal" is a true purveyor of style.

But we can't give her fictional persona all the credit. Lyn Paolo, the show's costume designer and stylist, is the mastermind behind Ms. Pope's fierce looks and the lucky woman who gets to go shopping for her countless purses (because Olivia Pope wouldn't actually have time to do it herself).

Since we have nothing better to do but count how many years it would take us just to afford one of these handbags, we decided to create a round-up of Olivia Pope's most iconic purses.

Hint: They're not all Prada bags. There are a lot more to make you jealous. We promise.

And if you needed an excuse to feel sorry for yourself, peep all the classic bags Olivia Pope carries on "Scandal" that your basic desk job could never afford.

Tip-toteing the line

Episode: Season 1, Episode 6, "The Trail" and Season 2, Episode 8, "Happy Birthday, Mr. President"

Designer: Goyard

Retail Price: Around $1,000 in 2012

Before Olivia Pope was all structured-bags-and-business-attire, she carried this recognizable Goyard tote bag throughout the campaign trail. We're thinking it had to be big enough to carry all of Olivia's secrets.

Sleeping with the president has its perks...

Episode: Season 3, Episode 2, "Guess Who's Coming For Dinner"

Designer: Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag

Retail Price: $2,500

You're not the only one who lusted after this soft Ralph Lauren handbag; even the head Gladiator couldn't protect her purse from the thieves who mugged her at the train station. It was a good run, Ralph, but it's no longer Olivia Pope's bag, baby.

Love at first Prada

Episode: Season 3, Episode 2, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”

Designer: Prada

Retail Price: Around $2,500 in 2005

Lyn Paolo, the show's stylist, explains the significance of Olivia Pope's first Prada bag, "That was the first Prada purse in Olivia Pope’s life. She changed; they grabbed her purse and she starts the next day with the Prada."

Another fun fact: This is the same purse that Meryl Streep used in "The Devil Wears Prada" opening sequence. "Prada took it out of their archives in Italy and sent it to us, so it was current for seven years ago," says Paolo.

Once you go Prada, you never go nada

Episode: Countless

Designer: Prada Saffiano Classic Tote

Retail Price: $2,330

Kerry Washington has good taste, as Paolo explains of the leading lady's iconic handbag selection, “I had 20 purses in the room, and Kerry said, ‘What about that one?’”

Washington was pointing to Paolo's personal Prada. "And it ended up being used on the show. ABC owes me a Prada purse; it’s still there today.”

OK, we get it. Girlfriend can't keep her hands off the Prada.

Episode: Pick one

Designer: Louis Vuitton... just kidding; it's Prada

Retail Price: $2,330

Same bag, different color. Because when you're Olivia Pope, you can never have too much wine or too much Prada.

"And all of her bags are Prada," said Kerry Washington in an interview with The Cut. "Every single handbag — unless it's a flashback episode — every one is Prada. And they’re all stunning." Gee, we couldn't tell.

Olivia Pope being really original

Episode: Season 3, Episode 4, "Say Hello to My Little Friend"

Designer: Can't you guess by now?

Retail Price: $2,400

Seriously, Olivia? Who buys the same handbag in three different colors? That's just, like, laziness -- even for Olivia Pope. Are there no Gucci stores in Washington DC or something?

The OG handbag

Episode: Most of Season 1, Season 2, Episodes 1 and 7

Designer: Prada to your mama

Retail Price: $1,290... a bargain

This was Olivia's handbag of the season when we first met Ms. Pope almost three years ago. The black leather bag got more airtime than Mellie and Fitz's forgotten newborn.

Shonda Rhimes should probably go ahead and include "Prada" as a recurring guest star, as she's been with us since day one.

Olivia is a master of purple nurples

Episode: Season 1

Designer: Prada

Retail Price: Around $1,550

Olivia ditches her neutral-based wardrobe in favor of this purple Prada bag, proving she can kick ass wearing anything.

"I didn't want to get the feeling like Olivia is somebody who goes out and buys the latest 'It' bag. I wanted it to feel like she has one Prada store that she goes to, and that's just where she gets a bag every season. She doesn't have time to shop for 'It' bags," Kerry Washington explained to Bluefly of her character.

What you got in that BAG?

Episode: Season 2, Episode 14 and 20

Designer: Prada

Retail Price: Around $1,800

A couple of cans of whoop ass, which we actually wouldn't be surprised about, coming from Olivia Pope and all. Try not to stain the white leather.

Photos Courtesy: ABC Studios/Scandal