Fake A Summery Shimmer By Highlighting Your Face With Oil

by Brit + Co

The claim: Using facial serum or oil produces the same results as using your typical highlighter.

The oil gives your face a bit of extra nourishment and hydration, not oiliness. It's a two-for-one way to get your glow on while doing your skin a major favor in the process. This technique — if it works — is great for minimalist-makeup gals who want their skin to have that subtle sheen, but don't want to add another product to their routine.

So, I tried it. It can't be much different than subbing your moisturizer for oil or adding serum to your foundation for similar benefits, right?

It totally worked, and the results were beautiful, especially on camera.

You can use your favorite facial oil or serum for the oil-as-highlighter method. The key is to not overdo it or else you'll look straight-up greasy.

A high-quality makeup sponge like the beautyblender is also key for this because you'll be blending, blending, blending. Here's how to hack highlighter with facial oil in two super simple steps.

beautyblender, $20, Sephora 

First, dispense a dime-sized amount of oil into your hand.

After applying your routine makeup (sans highlighter, of course), carefully apply a small amount of oil to the back of your hand.

Do not — I repeat, do not — use more than a dime-sized amount of oil, y'all! It'll get messy with any more than that, and it won't be cute. Lightly dab the sponge on top of the oil so it's absorbed off of your hand but still sits on top of the sponge.

Tap the sponge onto the high points of your face.

Since you'll already have face makeup on, it's important not to rub the sponge on your face because you'll smear your makeup. Tap the oil onto your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, your cupid's bow and your brow bones.

Oh, this works.

I love how oil looks on the skin when it's applied lightly like a highlighter. You can tell the difference in the above images.

It gives off the same glow as the powder highlighter I usually use, but has a bit more natural radiance than something that's out of a compact. This method gives you a glow, healthy skin and, best of all, keeps you on-trend with the minimalist makeup movement.

I'll definitely be turning to the oil-as-highlighter method in the future, especially during the winter when dry skin strikes!