Ohio State Sorority Will Restore Your Faith In Greek Life After Watching Their Amazing Rush Video

Yesterday, we showed you what might be the worst recruitment video ever. Now we’re showing you one that is a whole lot better (…relatively speaking).

The Delta Gamma sorority girls at Ohio State University definitely have the cinematography chops to make an Anna Ferris comedy.

Their sauced up recruitment video takes you on an in-depth tour of everything they want their sorority to represent to impressionable rushing freshman – namely, that they aren’t nearly as sick of each other first semester as they are during the second.

Just kidding. For the girls of DG at OSU, it’s all about smiles, hugs and spontaneously dancing outside of the sorority house. They even show you the inside of their bedrooms, which reminds us of how thankful we are that we don’t have three other girls sharing our bedrooms.

Check out this recruitment video -- you can at least appreciate the one girl they all find to be really, really pretty.

H/T: Brobible