Offensive Nine West Shoe Ad Helps Women Prep For The 'Walk Of Shame' (Photo)

Nine West's new advertising campaign is striking some, including the New York Times, as "decidedly... cheeky" and some, including a plethora of angry Facebook commenters, as offensive.

One advertisement depicts a purse being used in the "anticipatory walk of shame," showing a woman carrying a pair of flip-flops in a fancy Nine West bag in preparation for a one-night stand.

Another shows how a Nine West shoe is great for "starter husband hunting," asserting that the right clothes can land you any Mr. Right you set your eyes -- and darts -- on.

Senior vice president of marketing Erika Szychowsk told NYT:

We have to change the way we talk about occasions because women are modern now and shop for a different reason. 'Starter husband hunting,' for example, might once have been called night-on-the-town shoes.

The campaign appears to straddle the line between "clever" and "derogatory."

Some people claim these phrases like "walk of shame" are just a tacky way to sell a brand of clothing meant for women.

It pits the prospect of a man as the reason to purchase the outfit. One Facebook user says, "Women are hunting success and goals, dreams and visions. Not husbands."

Contrarily, another writes, "Clever campaign! It's just advertising people. Stop taking it so seriously."

Though it's easy to see that Nine West was joking, it's hard not to get offended by the idea that women only dress for men. It's simply not true.

H/T: Huffington Post, Photo Courtesy: Nine West