The Not-So-Cute Struggles All Baby-Faced Women Deal With On A Daily Basis

by Fernanda Calvo
Fernanda Calvo

About a week ago, I ran into a friend of my mother's who I hadn't seen in about five years. After hugging me and complimenting the rad duster I was wearing, she asked me an honest question.

She asked me when graduation was. I graduated from college about six years ago. When I broke the news to her, laughing she said "it's that baby face."

I felt bad afterwards, because it was an honest mistake. We all lose track of time and seeing as I'm not married and don't have any children yet, she may have just assumed that I was still fairly young.

This particular situation was funny and endearing, but having a baby face isn't always what it's cut out to be. People complimenting you on your youthful look is great, but anytime these things happen, it is extremely frustrating.

1. You get carded everywhere.

If you've been cursed with a baby face, you'll notice that no matter how much make-up you wear or how grown up you look in your pantsuit, you will still get carded. Some people say that getting carded constantly is a compliment.

Unfortunately, when you're with a group of clients at a "closing the deal" dinner and you're the only one getting carded, things can get a little awkward. Your baby face will make every single bouncer and bartender wonder if you're just some kid trying to get her drink on.

I'll most likely be carded at my 40th birthday celebration.

2. You only get hit on by high schoolers.

Your baby face will score you lots of attention from younger men. It's flattering, but can also get a little out of hand. I was on the train a few months ago and a 17 year old boy came up to me and mistook me for someone in his English class.

I had to clarify that not only was I not in that class, but I hadn't seen the inside of a high school since 2006.

Exchanges like this one happen and happen often. They can be kind of funny, but they're mostly just really uncomfortable.

To add insult to injury, the hot 35-year-old, salt and pepper-haired guy that rides on your train every morning will never, ever ask you out because he probably thinks you're still in high school.

3. No one ever seems to take you seriously.

Whether it's your 60-year-old boss, your 40-year-old colleagues, the lady behind the counter at the high end department store or the guy at the car dealership, when it all boils down to you making really big decisions, your baby face may cause some people to question your capabilities.

Baby face or not, by the time you've reached your late 20s, your good decision making skills are there and even if they're not, your wrinkle-free face has nothing to do with your capacity to come through.

As crazy as it seems, I feel like my baby face has cost me promotions. So while I can walk around looking like I'm a Freshman in college, my young look has probably cost me meaningful opportunities. Looking young is great, but it definitely comes at a price.

4. Always cute, never sexy.

Guys will call you cute when you have a baby face. It's nice to get called cute, but women want to know that they're fierce, sensual goddesses. Guys have pinched my cheeks, and poked my dimples.

I've been called "angel face", "doll face," "cutie patootie," and all of the cutesy pet names you can think of.

Women with baby faces are still women and we want to be valued as such. We're strong and beautiful, not just cute.