Is Your Vagina Normal?

by Candice Jalili

I'm a pretty confident person. I really am. But, when it comes to my precious lady passage, if you will, you know what? I'm a little INSECURE.

That's right, I said it. I'm insecure. Because how the f*ck am I supposed to know if I have a normal vagina? I mean, I'm pretty sure it's not disgusting or repulsive or anything, but how do I know that FOR SURE?

What if one day I go to a new gyno and she's like, "WHOA, WHAT IS THAT?!" Or I date a new guy and he's like, "OMG, MY LAST GIRLFRIEND'S DID NOT LOOK LIKE THAT!"

Then I'll think, Was hers weird, or is mine weird?!?! How do I know? How does she know?! How does HE know?!

I have no f*cking idea is too flappy, or not flappy enough, Am I too tight? Too loose? How much discharge is a normal amount of discharge? I HAVE LITERALLY NO IDEA AT ALL!

The thing is, I know I'm not the only one. Seriously, how do any of us know if our vaginas are normal?! What even is a normal vagina?!? Unless we are professionals, we probably have no clue.

But you know what? I WANT A CLUE. I decided to find out once and for all. I asked girls to tell me their deepest, darkest secrets and questions about their vajeens, and they DID. Then I took our questions to Orlando-based obstetrician & gynecologist Lama Tolaymat, MD, MPH, FACOG.

So, without further ado, here they are. Read along and find out once and for all: Is your vagina normal?

“The lips of mine are lopsided. Like one hangs a tad lower than the other. Is that normal?”

Yes. It is very common for the two sides to be asymmetric.

“I know I'm not supposed to feel weird about the smell, but I swear there is a weird smell. If I don't like it, why would a guy like it? What gives?”

If you think you have a "smell," you need to get a check up to see if there is an infection. Otherwise, this is most likely a "normal smell," and unless your partner says something, it's probably not as noticeable as you think.

“Does the smell change based on what you eat?”

Not really.

“How much discharge is normal when you're not on your period?”

It depends on your age and the time in your cycle.  Before your period, you will have an increase in the discharge.

“What does normal discharge look like? Sometimes mine is clear but sometimes it's kind of yellowish.”

Clear to white is OK. Yellow for a few days is OK as long as it spontaneously resolves.

“My clitoris is as big as both of my vaginal lips (it literally looks like a third lip). Is this normal?”

Check with your doctor. If your hormones are normal, then it is normal.

“Sometimes, when a guy is penetrating me during sex, it feels like I'm going to pee. Is this normal? I always make him stop before anything happens, but could it mean that I'm a squirter?!”

Most likely, intercourse is irritating the urethra and giving you this feeling. Keep going next time to see what happens. Your worry may not be not warranted.

“Sometimes, I'll put a super tampon in and it'll just slip right back out. Is this normal, or do I have an obscenely wide-set vagina?!”

Not necessarily. If the tampon is too large, you may not have been able to insert it completely, and that is why it falls out. Try a regular sized one next time. Sometimes after childbirth, the opening of the vagina does become looser.

“Sometimes, I'll get home from a normal day at work — I SWEAR nothing turned me on — and my panties will be soaked. Is there such a thing as being too wet?”

Hormone changes can cause a normal discharge. If you wear tight clothing, it adds moisture too.

“I always bleed after getting fingered … but never after sex. Is this normal?”

If the fingering is rough, it may be irritating your cervix, which could cause the bleeding.

“Sex never hurts for me … like at all. Am I just loose?”

No. It just doesn't hurt.

“I've had a lot of sex with my boyfriend, who is very well-endowed. Does this mean I'm loose now?”

No. Do your Kegel exercises.

“What are lips SUPPOSED to look like? Mine hang out a bit outside of the actual vagina (no idea at ALL if that was even remotely close to the proper anatomical term?). Is that normal or are they supposed to be nicely tucked in?”

They come in different sizes and shapes.

So, in conclusion, I guess there isn't really such a thing as a “normal” vagina. The doctor said it herself: They come in all different shapes and sizes. Take her advice, do some Kegels and rest assured you're probably FINE!