7 Non-Basic White Sneakers That Will Have You Saying, 'Stan Who?'

We're living in a bad dream. A shoe nightmare, if you will.

Everywhere I turn, I see the same green- or blue-edged pair of Adidas sneakers clomping down the sidewalks. White sneakers are one thing, but buying the absolute exact same pair as all my friends? Give me individuality, or give me death.

Just because a trend is upon us doesn't mean there aren't multiple ways to embrace the flashiest buy of fall (and spring... and summer). This isn't Halloweentown under a curse, after all.

Instead of gritting your teeth and buying the same Stans every Tom, Dick and Harry (um, Tam, Deb and Hannah?) are already wearing, opt for something more original.

Here are a few of my favorite styles:

Zara Lace-Up Sneakers, $23


Neon? Check. Budget price point? Check.

These Zara sneakers are perfect for trying out the trend without sobbing as you pay your credit card bill. The sunny yellow gives them a hint of color, while still achieving a primarily all-neutral look.

Puma Match Basic Sports Lo, $39


The wonderful part about purchasing Pumas is, you're getting a full-fledged athletic sneaker, not a cheap fashion knock-off.

These babies mimic the Stan Smith look, but with a thinner sole that won't clomp quite so loudly.

ASOS Pimkie Leopard Print Sneakers, $49


Leopard print isn't for everyone, but I always enjoy a throwback to my kindergarten years. These white sneakers say, "I'm stylish, but also know how to color within the lines."

If you wear them, you'll have an excuse not to invite everyone to your birthday party. After all, that's what grade school you would do.

Nike Cortez Ultra Moire Sneaker, $100


Once again, a pair of actual athletic sneakers that will cradle your tired feet while still looking trendy. Why trade comfort for looking like you actually got dressed for the day?

At $100, you can't get much of a better deal.

COS Wrap-Over Leather Sneakers, $135


Have you ever thought to yourself, "I wish I looked more like a Space Age nurse?"

These all-leather sneakers are the answer.

POP Shoes Chiclet Leather Platform Sneaker, $150

Nasty Gal

This pair of platform sneakers flashes lights, just like the pair you definitely begged for as a child.

Enough said, I should think.

Saint Laurent Classic Court Sneaker, $595

Saint Laurent

So, you're rolling in money and want something to do with it other than just straight-up sticking it in the fire. That's exactly why these glittery, starry sneakers were invented.

Have fun with your trust fund!