Adidas Just Dipped Everyone's Favorite White Sneaker In Gold

This is definitely the summer of the white sneaker and Stan Smith is our god. Who would've thought an old white dude would inspire the most gotta-have-it fashion trend?

The tennis legend-inspired shoe, produced exclusively by adidas, has seen a major resurgence in the past months. It's not just the classic silhouette that inspires a younger group of fans, but also the fact that the style is being worn by stars like Gigi Hadid and Ryan Reynolds. If Gigi has it, we must all run out and purchase it.

Stan Smiths are the vanilla ice cream of footwear -- they're so perfect, you don't have to think twice before choosing them. Isn't that the definition of the perfect summer clothing item?

Plus, in a fashion era obsessed with minimalism, Stans are the ultimate sartorial pick. They don't distract from your outfit, adding just a small touch that shows you understand what's trendy.

Now, adidas is hoping to take its sneaker up a notch. As part of the brand's "999 Noble Metals" pack release on July 15, adidas has dunked your old Stans into gold. No, really. The design's trademark tab and tongue now boast a gleaming, metallic finish.


The price tag is a cool $110, nearly twice the cost of adidas's $65 classic style, but true Stan fans should have no problem with that. Launched in 1963, the sneaker is now a respectable 53 years old and ready for its life crisis. Gold flourishes are the shoe equivalent of buying a Porsche and getting a younger girlfriend.

Plus, the collection pays tribute to a history even more distinguished than adidas's own: a German company called Eytzinger, which made the gold leaf applied to the sneakers. According to a press release, the town in which that company is based has been beating gold for more than 160 years.

Now, if only your sneakers would last that long.


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