Why He Didn't Ask You Out On A Second Date, According To Real Guys

After the first date, if we're even turned on a little bit by the guy we chatted it up with all evening, we'll wait (impatiently) for him to ask us on a second. We'll make every excuse to check our phone all day long, read his tweets and check his Instagram  to see what could possibly take him so long.

But what happens when we don't hear from the guy ever again? Or worse, get a text saying "no thanks" to a second date? We want to know why they aren't down to see us again and wonder what in the world we did wrong.

Plot twist: It's not always about us (though sometimes it is). Check out why these guys didn't ask a girl out for a second date.

We had nothing in common.

“I wanted to talk to her about 'Game of Thrones' and she wanted to talk about 'The Bachelorette.' That was just one convo that didn't flow so well. We didn't really have anything we would enjoy doing, watching or eating together.”

– Michael J., 26

There wasn't any chase, frankly.

“We hooked up on the first date. There wasn't any chase after and I didn't find myself eager to want to see her again. Sounds like a jerk move, but it happens.”

– Ben B., 28

My dating calendar was booked.

“I had just become single again and downloaded like four different apps. I was finding a different girl to go out with every night. So if a girl didn't blow me away on date one, there wasn't a date two.”

– Erwin M., 26

She didn't offer to pay.

“Not saying I would have made her pay or accepted her cash, but the offer would have been the right thing to do. We went to an expensive place for dinner and the bill was really high. She could have pulled out her wallet. Instead she just sat there. She didn't even say thanks.”

– Frank P., 31

I felt "Catfished."

“She didn't look like her pics and she didn't have the same personality she did when we chatted online. I felt like I got 'Catfished.' I wasn't interested in the girl that showed up to the date; I liked her online persona way better.”

– Nick T., 24

We made the mistake of talking politics.

“It doesn't matter which one of us was a Trump supporter and which wasn't, but let's just say the date took a turn for the worse when she brought up politics first. It turned into an ugly debate and I was over it and her after that moment.”

– Yuval H., 32

She was clearly a gold digger.

“It was clear she was looking a guy to support her and push money into her bank account. She kept asking questions to find out how much I paid for rent and how much I made at my job. It was funny, but also gross.”

– Tom G., 32

She went in for a handshake.

“I thought the first date went really well and I wanted a second, but she didn't seem interested. I went in for a kiss and hug when we said goodnight, and she gave me a handshake instead. I didn't bother chasing her or asking her for date two.”

– James L., 23

If date number one went well in your head but there's no number two, don't hang on to that disappointment for too long. There are more fish in the sea and, in today's dating world, more people to swipe right on.