Nicole Kidman’s Latest Campaign

Countless brands have undergone serious adjustments this past year. Creative Directors were hired and fired left and right in 2012, so 2013 is bound to be a year full of new and exciting campaigns and design ideas. One such campaign is that of Jimmy Choo, who has just tapped Nicole Kidman to front their Fall 2013 collections.

Designer Sandra Choi took over as the luxury shoe and accessory retailer’s Creative Director this February, so this campaign is the designer’s first artistic stamp on the brand.

The campaign, which was shot by Mikael Jansson, has been self-described as having a “cinematic feel that hints at the power and seduction of the Jimmy Choo woman.” The decision of which Hollywood starlet encompasses power and seduction wasn't too difficult, as Nicole Kidman was first to come to mind.

When asked about the brand, Kidman responded:

“I’ve always loved fashion, and often use it as a way to get into character. There is a lot of complexity, mystery and feminity to the Jimmy Choo woman.”

The campaign, which will be revealed this August, is of crucial importance to designer Sandra Choi and the prominent brand. Whenever a fashion house undergoes a major change, such as hiring a new creative director, public scrutiny is at an all time high. You may think of a fashion campaign as a nuisance when flipping through pages of a magazine, or as just another pretty picture, but it’s so much more than that.

A campaign is the greatest way to ensure that the public knows that your designs are beautiful, powerful and relevant. Without a strong campaign, a designer has nothing.

Photo Credit: Getty Images