What My Mom Taught Me About The True Meaning Of Success

Moms are the most amazing creatures.

Sometimes, I don't think my mom is a normal human; I think she's a superhero.

She's a woman of such emotional and physical strength, and I look at her in awe. I can’t imagine doing all that she does.

The mother-daughter bond is one like no other. Moms will always be the best role models.

Celebrities? Nope.

Leaders of success? Yes.

I wish there was an award season for mothers because these are the women who deserve gold for their endless love and hard work.

It's harder than a full-time job.

As a mom, you don't clock out. You’re on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

My mom embodies every fiber of the type of person I want to be. Because when I think of success, I think of my mom.

So, thank you, Mom.

Thank you for the long lectures and for talking to me about anything and everything. For you, no subject was off-limits.

Thank you for raising me to understand what it means to truly be a woman.

Mom, you always would say, "I will tell you countlessly you are a smart, beautiful girl."

I would roll my eyes and say you have to say that because you’re my mom, and you would reply, "I don’t have to say anything. Remember that."

And when my heart was broken into a million pieces, you looked at me while drinking green tea and said, "There is a world out there to see. It's more than getting attached to a boy so young.

Have dreams, chase the stars and follow the moon. Find yourself.

You have a very small window before this exciting time passes by. Success is the greatest revenge."

It's easy to let your child do whatever he or she wants. It's easy to not say anything, to be silent.

You were never silent, and I will never forget our talks. Mom, I thank you for always saying how you felt.

During the hours we spent discussing (and sometimes yelling), you were teaching me. These are some of the reasons why I am the woman I am today.

People ask me what I want, and I say, "Success." But, I don’t mean successful in terms of money or fame.

I mean successful in a beautiful marriage with beautiful children. I look at my mom, and she is what I hope I can achieve one day.