Talk About Magic: These Mushrooms Cause Women To Spontaneously Orgasm

by Kendall Wood

When thinking about mushrooms, our minds generally wander toward thoughts of a really good chicken marsala, maybe our favorite pizza combination, or even a night spent in Joshua Tree a la "Entourage."

Rarely do we think, "porcini" and become aroused.

Scientists John C. Holliday and Noah Soule of the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, however, found something that could change all of that: Phallus Indusiatus, a mushroom native to the islands of Hawaii that has some, um, peculiar properties.

First discovered back in 2001, the bright-orange mushroom, which grows in ancient lava flows, gives new meaning to the word "aphrodisiac," as it causes women who smell it to spontaneously orgasm.

The hormone compounds in the mushroom are similar to the neurotransmitters we ladies release during sex  --  in other words, one whiff of this thing and we're off on a trip down euphoria lane where the candles are burning, and the mood is hot. And just like that, it's game over.

During their research, Holliday and Soule reported that nearly half of their female subjects quite literally reached climax upon smelling the orange mushroom; others showcased significant sexual arousal.

Men, on the other hand, don't share the same reactionary experience as women. In fact, they're completely disgusted by the putrid smell of the 'shroom. And you know what? We're pretty okay with that. The Phallus Indusiatus is a win for women in the name of The O.

Now if only someone would capitalize off this discovery and bottle it.

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