Daughters Get Hairstyles Their Moms Like And It's One Big, Epic Fail (Video)

For someone who once (five times) cried in a hairdresser's chair, the idea of assigning creative license to another human being when it comes to a haircut is a terrifying, albeit bougie, nightmare.

The idea of assigning creative license to my own mother when it comes to my haircut is an unthinkable reality, and I would rather take my chances in a "no rules" dirt bike race against every character from "Mad Max: Fury Road."

On Monday, BuzzFeed asked three young women to allow their mothers to choose their hairstyles, presumably to be worn in public.

Naturally, the daughters experienced some trepidation based on the previous style crimes they suffered at the hands of their mothers.

One woman claimed,

You should have seen what I looked like when I was five... I looked like Snooki half the time.

Despite the initial differences of opinion, the beauty of maternal judgement and the tenderness of a child's palpable fear combine to create some truly unexpected hairstyles.

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