This Type Of Woman Is The Most Vulnerable To Sexual Assault

by Sheena Sharma
Simone Becchetti

According to a new study published in the Violence and Gender journal, bisexual college students are the most vulnerable to sexual assault, more than anyone of any other gender or sexuality on college campuses.

While one in four heterosexual females is sexually assaulted during her time in college, an astounding two out of five bisexual women are sexually assaulted. Just so you have all the information, one in four gay and bisexual men are sexually assaulted, as are one in eight straight men.

Kate Estrop, co-founder of the Bisexual Resource Center, explains that the reason the number of bisexual women assaulted on campuses is so high is that bi women are often viewed as "easy" and "promiscuous." She also goes on to say,

Bi folks are seen as greedy, sex-driven, unable to form committed relationships and prone at any moment to change their minds about their attractions.

Supposedly, this perception of bisexual individuals all plays a huge role in how vulnerable others perceive them to be, leading them to be taken advantage of the most.

Estrop also ties the high percentage of sexual assault on bisexual girls back to the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard case, to which many people apparently have been responding with mixed opinions due to Heard's previous relationship with a woman. People are unsure of whom to believe solely because Heard identifies as being bisexual.

The fact that a woman's sexuality plays at all into whether or not she is attacked is ludicrous. Why are some people living with a mindset in which bisexuality is seen as a threat because it's too foreign to digest? In a world where women are already unsafe, these statistics just make me mad. Bi, straight or trans, a woman should always feel safe. Regardless of how or whom she chooses to love.

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