This Mom's Photos Of Baby Bump With Twins Compared To One Baby Is Mesmerizing

by Alexandra Strickler

Being pregnant is a scary thought for me in general.

But it's even scarier when I think about the possibility of carrying twins -- and these pictures of YouTube lifestyle mommy vlogger Natalie Bennett aren't exactly putting my mind at ease.


Bennett, a 24-year-old mother to twin toddler boys (and pretty soon, a baby girl), recently shared footage on her YouTube channel comparing her current baby bump to the bump she had in her first pregnancy, when she was carrying twins.

OK, we all obviously know a pregnant woman's stomach is going to look bigger if she's carrying two babies in there as opposed to one.

But that prior knowledge still did not prepare me for Bennett's side-by-side footage:


These two photos show her at the same stage of pregnancy (36 weeks), but on the left, you can see her carrying twins from her first pregnancy, and on the right, she's carrying just one baby.

I. Am. Shook.

In the video, she described how much easier being pregnant with one baby has been.

During her first pregnancy, she said she "had a huge torpedo belly sticking out like a freaking shelf."

The 24-year-old also explained the uncomfortable stretching her skin went through while carrying her twin boys.


She apparently developed something called a PUPP rash, which involves moderate to severe itching, and typically happens with first-time moms or those carrying multiple babies.

Ahh, isn't pregnancy beautiful?

On the plus side, since Bennett's body basically went through hell the first time around having kids, carrying just one baby in her tummy is easy-peasy.


Another plus for Bennett is it's actually quite possible Bennett could deliver her baby girl at the same time Beyoncé delivers her twins.

Well, MAYBE it's possible.

Queen Bey was probably around 32 weeks into her pregnancy as of April 2, meaning she's likely between 33 and 34 weeks along now.

As of five days ago, according to her YouTube video, Bennett was officially 37 weeks pregnant.


All right, so they're actually almost a solid month apart in their pregnancies, BUT STILL.

If you're asking me, I consider it a plus to have literally anything in common with Beyoncé. It makes pregnancy seem a little less frightening, right?

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