Misogynistic Video About Annoying Things Girls Do Prompts Epic Responses

With "35 Annoying Things Women Do," a YouTube vid shot in 2011, inexplicably resurfacing on the Internet and getting way too many hits, women and men alike have taken to Tumblr to vent frustration over the clip's comments, to actively discuss rape culture, and to tell everyone to calm the f*ck down.

Yeah, the three douchebags in the video say a bunch of offensive sh*t, like "When they don't struggle," and then pair it with the more innocuous stuff, like "Finding 'Sex and the City' funny."

They might even hit the nail on the head with one:

"Not talking about sex openly."

But it's unclear if these guys are just looking for a laugh circa 2011, or actually serious with the some of the stuff they can't stand.

Regardless, people from all over the web have started posting their thoughts on Tumblr, creating an full-fledged debate that's constructive at times, but a bit much (read: rolling expletives) at others.

I think we can all agree, the subject of rape should never, ever be at the brunt of a joke, the punchline for a parody, or whatever. The Gloss sums it up quite nicely:

"From where I stand, it seems pretty obvious that jokes about rape should never come from the mouths of people who don’t belong to the demographics for which sexual assault is an everyday threat. If the video was intended to mock sexism and show support for women, I feel like there are ways to make that message a lot, lot clearer. If there’s any way your satire can be misinterpreted as contributing to rape culture, you’ve seriously missed the mark."

H/T: PolicyMic