5 Ways Millennial Mothers Are Making Parenting Waves On The Net


Oprah once famously said you can have it all, but you can't have it all at once. Well, Millennial moms are living proof that it's all about balance (with a little help from the web).

Millennial moms are brazenly and unapologetically themselves. They proudly flaunt their lifestyles on social networks and live out their own beliefs of what it means to be a good mom.

According to a study by BabyCenter, 83 percent of new moms are Millennials, and there's an estimated 9 million Millennial moms.

Considering their formative years were most likely spent in front of desktop computers, it's no surprise they now spend more time on social networks than other moms.

They have an average of 3.4 different social media accounts (compared to the 2.6 accounts the average mom has), and they spend 17.4 hours a week on those networks.

They're overeducated and expert multitaskers, and with the light of their smartphones shining on them more than any other generation, it's natural they'd turn it into a tool for everyday life.

1. They're using it to increase their paychecks

Gen-Xers looked at their careers, school and home life and were lucky if they could pick two out of three.

Now, women are aiming to be breadwinners by cashing in on the opportunities that are literally available at their fingertips.

In addition to working on getting their degrees through online classes or telecommuting, 37 percent of Millennial moms have started a business and promoted it through social media.

Though DIY culture is nothing new (raise your hand if your mom made your Halloween costumes), sites like Etsy and Pinterest have cultivated a space for women to share ideas, and possibly grow successful businesses.

2. Online communities are Google and therapy rolled into one

No idea what that rash could be? Finding yourself wanting to go back to work but feeling a sense of guilt?

Millennial moms can find supportive forums or Facebook groups, where fellow moms provide the answers they seek or at least some comfort amid the chaos.

According to USA Today, about two-thirds of Millennial moms are a part of online parenting communities, and more than one-third cite social media as a source of parenting advice.

3. They're stay-at-home shoppers

Shopping on your smartphone has become so convenient, especially for moms who can avoid the two hours it takes to get ready with a baby in tow.

In the past week, BabyCenter estimates 44 percent of Millennial moms have made a purchase on their smartphones.

Forbes wrote:

“[T]hese moms are 'always-on,' using technology to help make their lives easier, and strategically shop for the best prices and products for their families and themselves.”

In other words, if there's a coupon code for it, you better believe Millennial mamas know about it.

4. They're app-happy

Savvy Millennial moms know the perks of using apps, and there's a bevy of options.

From healthy eating habits to great school options in the area, apps have decreased the research time and condensed the info into an app that's one tap away.

According to BabyCenter, 29 percent of Millennial moms use a baby or parenting app when seeking information or advice.

Apps are like personal assistants; they make the work-life balance just a little bit easier.

5. They use it to empower other moms

Gen-Xers and especially Baby Boomer moms who stayed at home suffered from isolation and the pressure to fit within societal norms.

Whether you're Jennifer Garner, Angelina Jolie or Giselle Bündchen in her multitasking-mom-Instagram glory, Millennial moms know there is more than one way to parent.

A report by Working Mother Research Institute found Millennial moms are the happiest at work and at home in, comparison to Gen-X and Baby Boomer moms.

A recent study, which analyzed 2,005 Millennial mothers, found that their "predisposition toward alternative sources of information suggests that this might be the generation that ends the 'mommy wars' — the battle between moms … to achieve the one 'right' way to mother."

Historically, women have been their own worst enemies by waging a war between the SAHM and the careerists, but Millennial moms have blurred those lines.

The Internet has democratized mothering by making it less about what the ubiquitous "they" thinks, and more about what individual moms believe.

In other words, they've Kanye-ed the naysayers and paved their own way, all while Instagramming their journey and being damn happy about it.

What's not to like?