The Selfie Brush Indulges Vanity By Combining A Hairbrush, A Phone And A Camera

File the Selfie Brush under the list of inventions that middle school girls do not need.

The tool -- a glorified phone case with a hair brush on one side -- incorporates hair styling capabilities, a mirror and a camera to snap a selfie of your cute new hairdo.

The staff at Lucky, who tried an advanced version of the brush, assert that the styling tool might be useful to keep in a spare purse.

They said,

If you’ve ever taken a selfie, you know that a hair-related issue usually comes up. Whether you’re in a group shot or flying solo, flyaways are the enemy. Also, holding the paddle gives you a wider range of angles for your photos. Basically, having a hair brush at hand could really up your social media game.

At the same time, imagine an army of 13-year-olds brandishing these things in public places. It may be the end of society as we know it.

If you're interested in the Selfie Brush, it launches in September with sizes for both iPhone 5 and 5S.

via Lucky Mag, Photos Courtesy: Selfie Brush