This Is By Far The Coolest Way To Raise Breast Cancer Awareness


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and there are a variety of different events and campaigns aiming to draw awareness to the disease and its prevention. One campaign which has caught our eye is #mamming.

What is #mamming?

Started by two female advertising creatives, #mamming hopes to break the notion of awkwardness associated with getting a mammogram. They've released a hilarious video for the campaign starring Erin Daniels from "The L Word" and Jillian Bell from "Workaholics" (see below).

You can get involved by taking a photo of yourself #mamming with the hashtag #mamming. This is definitely one of the fun, more lighthearted ways to take the fear and uneasiness out of the idea of mammograms & honestly - who doesn't love boobs? Check out more about #mamming here.