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This Bathroom Staple Is The Unexpected Key To Thick, Long Eyelashes

Everyone wants fluttery, long eyelashes. That's just a fact.

There's been a lot of buzz lately around an eyelash trick from YouTube vlogger Huda Beauty, who applies fluffy cotton to her lashes to enhance them. Essentially, they're DIY eyelash extensions.

As someone who's gone so far as to perm and dye my eyelashes and use mascara hacks on the daily, I had to give this method a try.

The best part of this hack is you likely already own everything you need to test it out on yourself. All you need is mascara, a clean spoolie brush and cotton balls. Just be sure not let the mascara dry between coats.

Let's get started!

Fluff up that cotton and swirl it.

Working with super fluffy cotton is key to this hack. Take a cotton ball (I've found that jumbo-sized ones work best) and tear it apart.

You want to be able to work the cotton through your lashes in a combing motion, so soft texture is key. Swirl your spoolie into the cloud-like cotton until the head is completely covered. There should be little strings of cotton hanging off the brush.

Add light mascara and cotton fibers.

Now, apply one light coat of mascara to your bare lashes. Don't go crazy here -- this step is just meant to give your lashes a bit of grip so the cotton has something to adhere to.

Don't let this coat of mascara dry. Quickly and carefully, sweep the cotton-coated spoolie through your lashes, depositing the cotton strands. You'll instantly notice they'll look longer (stringy, yes, but longer).

Repeat the steps until your lashes are as long and thick as you'd like. Add another couple coats of mascara to blend it all together and cover up the white cotton.

The results are in, and cotton extensions really do work.

My left eye has the DIY cotton extensions, while my right just has regular mascara on it. There is such a big difference between the two.

I turn to this hack on nights out when I want a more dramatic look, but don't want to use false lashes. It's so easy to do and really makes a big impact. I definitely recommend trying out this beauty hack if you want lashes for days.