There's Actually A Kickstarter For A 'Revolutionary' New Menstrual Cup

There are many, many advantages to being a female, but periods are not one of them.

The average lady menstruates for 2,470 days during her lifetime, or about seven straight years. Though there are ways to skip your period occasionally, a visit from Aunt Flo once in awhile is inevitable, and you just gotta deal.

Most women -- nearly 70 percent -- opt to go the tampon route when they have their periods. Other options include pads and menstrual cups.

The latter is likely the least popular option but the most beneficial. A menstrual cup can be worn for up to 10 hours at a time (versus a maximum of eight hours for tampons) and are reusable, so they produce far less waste. Normally, a woman throws out up to 300 pounds of pads, plugs and applicators in her lifetime.

A new menstrual cup, the Lily Cup, is seeking to revolutionize and popularize the usage of the menstrual cup among women.

Created by Intimina, the cup is collapsible, so it can be folded flat onto itself (and is therefore super discreet). According to the founders, the Lily Cup can do the job of over 1,625 pads or tampons -- that's a lot of periods’ worth.

The revolutionary menstrual cup is seeking funding on Kickstarter, but has already nearly doubled its funding goal of $7,800.

The cup comes in two sizes -- one for women who haven’t given birth and one for those who have -- and is made of a thin but sturdy silicon.

Since one cycles' worth of tampons is practically $15, and each of these is only $40. It's totally an investment worth making if you can stomach it.

How to use it:

H/T: Daily Dot