Lena Dunham Finds Woody Allen Nauseating And Suggests Separating The Man From His Work

While many celebrities and other industry notables have remained mum on the topic of allegations that Woody Allen molested his daughter Dylan Farrow, the ever-outspoken Lena Dunham has once again paved her own way and taken an unapologetic stance against the famed film director.

In a radio interview with WTF With Marc Maron, the "Girls" actress/writer/creator took a stand for young girls everywhere, and said that Woody Allen "nauseated" her.

"In the latest Woody Allen debate I'm decidedly pro-Dylan Farrow and decidedly disgusted with Woody Allen's behavior."

Kudos to Dunham for going there. And despite her evident dislike of the man behind the camera, Dunham also said that hating Allen for what he did doesn't have to preclude people from still enjoying his movies.

"People who really believe Woody Allen is guilty have not felt comfortable saying that. Because they're so afraid to lose their connection to his work. And the thing is, I feel like people need to understand that you can hold two positions in your mind. You can know that someone's made work that's meaningful to you and also know that they have most likely molested their daughter… I was so unimpressed by people's inability to think in less binary ways and to just experience the ambiguity that life is constantly offering up."

There she goes again, being way more articulate and bound to an ethical code, unlike her boyfriend's ex ScarJo, who's hawking products like SodaStream while calling Farrow "irresponsible" for speaking out about her sexual assault.

via The Wrap, Top Photo Credit: WENN