5 Quotes That Prove Lady Gaga Deserves To Be Woman Of The Year

by Jeremy Winslow
Getty Images

In 2013, Time magazine announced Lady Gaga as the "Second Most Influential Icon of the Decade," beating out US President, Barack Obama, and "Harry Potter" author, JK Rowling.

Unfortunately, the "Just Dance" singer (The song is linked for your convenience because ... well, it's a damn good song and you should listen to it again!) lost to Aung San Suu Kyi, a Burmese politician and chairperson of the National League for Democracy in Burma.

Still, being recognized for such an esteemed title is quite the accolade, regardless of position.

Fast forward to 2015, and you may have noticed Mother Monster (apparently, that is a real nickname of hers) was crowned Woman of the Year by Billboard.

Not only is Lady Gaga (real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germonatta) a philanthropist, with the lofty goals of education and service (she donated $1 million to the American Red Cross in 2012 to help victims of Hurricane Sandy), she is also the quintessential spokeswoman for #GirlPower.

To honor her fabulousness and grandiosity, here are five truly inspirational quotes from her Billboard Interview.

1. "I want to explode into my 30s."

Most of us (myself included) are afraid of growing up and growing old.

To this day, I reminisce on when I was in high school or middle school — hell, even elementary school.

We can't escape time, no matter how hard we try, no matter how meticulously we plan.

Lady Gaga is not afraid of age.

In fact, she embraces it, saying, "My birthday is in March, so these are the last moments of my 20s... Why is it that we’re disposing of people once they pass that mark? It's suddenly, 'You’re an old woman.’ I’m not f---ing old. I’m more sexual and powerful and intelligent and on my shit than I’ve ever been."

If that doesn't exude power and confidence, then I don't know what does. You tell 'em, Gaga.

2. "But I’m just like any other girl -- there’s a human being in there."

When we think of celebrities, we often think of robotic creatures, always working, always rude to paparazzi (another fantastic Lady Gaga song), never responsive to fans. (Perhaps I'm just thinking of Kanye...)

Lady Gaga reminds us that celebrities are just like everyone else.

This is why Lady Gaga is so great: She recognizes her success would not be without her fans.

That is not the only reason why she is so great: she sympathizes and empathizes with the common man (or woman), letting us know that, through all the glitz and glamour and fame and wealth, she is still "just like any other girl."

Lady Gaga, you're perfect for this.

3. “I’m not the type of girl who fits most molds."

While it is trite to say, "I'm unique," Lady Gaga truly embodies this cliché. (I mean, take a look at these outrageous outfits.)

Step aside, Miley Cyrus, the true Queen of Weird is here.

Lady Gaga isn't afraid to be herself, and won't change for anyone — not even the pop charts.

Many artists shift sounds and styles to stay relevant (ahem, Miley Cyrus), but not you, Lady Gaga.

You inspire everyone (not just women and young girls) to stay true to who they are, to never change, to love and accept oneself, regardless of how strange or perturbing they are.

Go ahead with your bad self.

4. “You can’t sell your soul once you make it."

You know, even after having a fully-developed, wholly-constructed soul, it is still possible to relinquish your soul.

However, your soul is never truly sold.

It is perhaps leased for a while, due to a job or some other commitment, but the soul will always remind us of our dejection, of our vexation, of our lamentation.

In the Billboard interview Lady Gaga says, "It’s a big mistake to just go after the money to try to stay on top."

In a world of consumerism and Big Business (with capital Bs), it is difficult to not always chase money.

During my undergrad career, I spent two years doing computer science, dead set on graduating with a BS in computer science.

I reevaluated my decisions and recognized that money isn't going to make me happy forever.

I changed my major to English, graduated with a BA instead of a BS (I have a minor in computer science and business), and am so much happier.

Take that, capitalism. (Keep paying me, though.)

5. "Can you imagine having to come and someone says, ‘I’m so sorry, but you can never ejaculate in this life?'"

I masturbate. There, I said it. I'm sure you do too.

As a matter of fact, in a study done in 2009, it was reported that approximately 99 percent of people masturbate, with 38 percent being women, and 61 percent being male.

In a separate study, it was reported that people start masturbating as early as 10 to 13 years of age.

Now, imagine George Orwell's "1984" (which is an excellent novel, if you haven't read it). You're horny. You want to masturbate. You begin thinking perverted thoughts, and bam! The thought police bursts in (no pun intended) your door and arrests you for having such lascivious thoughts.

Can you imagine a world without porn? I can't.

Lady Gaga isn't literally talking about masturbation, though.

In the interview, she says, "Kids become depressed when they are born with a creative instinct but are not taught how to express it. If you don’t teach someone how to release that energy, it gets blocked up, and it’s painful. Kids need to learn how to express who they are and seek value in it.”

We all should support our children's (and young people's) ambitions, whether they want to be a writer, lawyer, photographer, doctor—hell, even if they want to be a janitor (though I don't know who really want to), we should support them.

Love everyone for who they are, and support them in their journey to become a better them. Would you want someone to incessantly tell you "no," to push you in a different direction?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

Lady Gaga was that girl who got made fun of, but she believed in that girl.

She puts it eloquently, stating:

I was that girl who got made fun of, that nerdy girl. I believe in that girl. I believe in the integrity, intelligence and power of people like her, and I want to ignite it.

Congratulations, Stefani.

We definitely need to take some pages out of her book.