Kylie Jenner Went Makeup Free To Show Rare Glimpse Of Her Beautiful Freckles

We're used to seeing most of our favorite celebs powdered to perfection and styled to the nines.

So it's always refreshing to see some of Hollywood's hottest skip out on the heavy makeup once in a while and show off their natural beauty.

If you've ever wondered what Kylie Jenner looks like without her contoured cheeks, impeccable eyebrows and signature lip-lined smile, you're in luck.

The 19-year-old celebrity just decided to show a little skin on social media by posting a few makeup-free selfies that show off her gorgeous freckles.

She posted one photo of her squeaky clean complexion on Instagram with the eyes emoji and the other picture on Snapchat, with the caption, "Freckles out of control from this sun".

It's nice to see Kylie flexing this fresh, makeup-free look since we're all so used to seeing her in a full-fledged, red carpet-ready face of makeup that tends to make her look much older than her actual age.

However, it turns out that Kylie goes makeup free a lot more than you may think.

In a recent interview with The New York Times she revealed that she doesn't wear much makeup outside of public appearances and photoshoots, stating,

If I'm going to see people, I won't wear heavy makeup. It's not attractive on me.

If you ask me, Kylie's bare face looks simply stunning and her freckles add a fun, youthful feel to her appearance. Hopefully, her makeup-free selfie will encourage other ladies to embrace their natural beauty and love the skin their in.

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