King Of The DM: London Man Sleeps With 200 Women Per Year Strictly From Twitter

Scouring social media for pussy may not have worked for James Franco, but Ben James of South London claims that Twitter is his key to random hook-ups — he's even gone so far as to list over 200 women he's bedded in one year through the site.

Either your hero or utterly repulsive, James — who has over 74,000 followers — says that cheeky Tweets is the reason behind his success with the ladies.

The social media expert says he makes sure to send at least 20 tweets a day to get himself noticed.

"I'll send out a funny tweet, something edgy, and then it gets retweeted a few hundred times. Every retweet gets me a hundred or so followers, plus a few celebs, and from that I get a bunch of direct messages."

And he's not the one to make the first move—according to this Internet lothario, there are women behind the Twitter handles who are reaching out to him.

"Girls send me hundreds of messages a day. Some send naked pictures, some ask for my phone number; and some ask me straight out for sex."

Although James has at least five "Tweethearts" at one time, he's also quick to mention that he's not particularly picky.

"I have a reputation for being a man whore. But if they've got a big bum, I'm interested."

This kind of Internet trolling should definitely be categorized as a social media low, but remember — as long as it's two consenting adults (that's 18 and over, Mr. Franco), it's cool.

via Daily Mail, Photo Courtesy: Twitter