The Thirst Is Real: James Franco Tries To Bag A 17-Year-Old Girl On Instagram, Fails Miserably

Either James Franco is a huge idiot, or this was a huge publicity stunt. Either way, it will leave you saying, "James Franco is one thirsty son of a bitch."

If you didn't already know, Franco is starring in a broadway rendition of "Of Mice and Men" and, after performances, Franco and his fellow actors greet the fans at the stage door.

They take pictures, videos and sign their playbills, which is always a very nice gesture for an actor so big.

However, Franco took the gesturing too far when he allegedly offered via Instagram direct message to get a hotel room for an underage girl to meet him. So classy.

It started out innocently enough, with the pair taking a selfie together.

Followed by a direct message exchange that you seriously won't believe.

If that wasn't enough thirst, we then get to see the text messages.

However, like any 17-year-old girl, Lucy told, and she told the whole world. She posted the exchange on her Twitter page, which just so happens to be blocked. But lucky for us, a dear friend of hers posted it on Reddit.

After the exchange started to go viral, a meme featuring a picture of Franco with the words "why are you thirsty for underage ones?" started to circulate.

In order to brush it off, Franco posted the meme on his own Instagram account with the caption:


He has since taken it down.

Once again, lucky for us, a friend of Lucy's boyfriend (yes, she has a boyfriend) tweeted the photo at him.

@dbrodieb@lucyclode James Franco posted this a few hours ago pic.twitter.com/ibFoXxkG5I — Danny (@YoDxnny) April 2, 2014

Lucy's boyfriend also had some nice words for Franco.

@lucyclode @YoDxnny #shesmine #francosgettingbattered — Brodie (@dbrodieb) April 2, 2014

So, let this be a lesson, boys and girls: while a direct message might be private, a screen shot can go a long way.

via Reddit, Photo Credit: WENN