#TBT: Remember All These Dumb Beauty Hacks We Tried As Kids?

My mom made it a point to introduce me to makeup very early on.

She started painting my nails when I was a little over one-year-old, got me my first “real” Maybelline makeup before I could even pronounce the brand and taught me how to epilate the moment I started growing leg hair.

This openness about beauty and the power of makeup led me to be super experimental as I got older. I tried pink eyeshadow, wore red pen as lip liner and even used razors to shave my brows. For the record, my left brow is still patchy as f*ck.

Okay, so shaving your brows might not have been the best beauty idea you had as a kid, but it was far from the worst.

Check out our scariest (and secretly genius) childhood beauty hacks. And find out how dangerous it would be if you were to do it now.

Drawing on your eyeliner with Sharpie.

Admit it: No actual non-toxic eyeliner would ever go on as black as the fine-line Sharpies of yore.

Safety rating today: What kind of idiot do you have to be to do this? Just because Alex Voss and Taylor Swift do it doesn’t mean you have to, too.

Worthy of a hospital visit? IT'S A SHARPIE. ON YOUR EYE. You don’t need a hospital visit, you need to be institutionalized.

Using glue to draw out blackheads.

Peeling glue from your hands was so satisfying, you couldn't wait to find out the magical effect it would have on your nose.

Safety rating today: You won’t die, but it might give you a pimple or two if you have sensitive skin. And for those still wondering, the likelihood of the glue actually pulling out your blackheads is like, slim to none.

Worthy of a hospital visit? Just try to be a grown-up and not inhale any.

Using Wite-Out as nail polish.

It’s the most opaque white you will ever get. Sorry, but Essie Marshmallow will just never measure up.

Safety rating today: Just don’t bite your nails or you will end up having chemicals for lunch.

Worthy of a hospital visit? Seriously, don’t eat it.

Using Sun-In to lighten your hair.

If your parents wouldn't pay for your highlights, you were going to get them any other way you could. Unfortunately, not much has changed since our tween days.

Safety rating today: I mean, the company still exists, right?

Worthy of a hospital visit? Nah. Just use in moderation and your hair won’t fall out. We sort of promise.

Using a “sterilized” needle to give yourself a piercing or a tattoo.

This is definitely not as shady as going to a place in some guy’s basement on St. Mark’s, right?

Safety rating today: If you actually think this is a good idea, you need to turn off "The Parent Trap."

Worthy of a hospital visit? Hope your insurance covers stupidity.

Using hydrogen peroxide to give yourself highlights.

It was cheaper than regular box dye, okay?

Safety rating today: If you’re currently bleaching your hair, you’re already using hydrogen peroxide on your locks. It’s not terrible, but why? There are so many alternatives.

Worthy of a hospital visit? No, but why would you want to do it?

Using bleach to lighten your brows.

Cara Delevingne does not approve. But Kim might, which is a plus.

Safety rating today: They will turn orange. I repeat, your brows will turn orange. You will have two orange caterpillars on your face. Don't do it.

Worthy of a hospital visit: As long as bleach doesn't drip into your eyes, no. But unless you want to look like Carrot Top, I'd stay away.