Kelly Clarkson Responds To Her Body-Shaming Haters In The Best Way


When an English journalist criticized Kelly Clarkson's weight, the lovable pop singer didn't even pretend to care.

Last month, Sun columnist Katie Hopkins ripped into Clarkson after seeing her performance on "The Graham Norton Show," and asked her Twitter followers,

The following tweets launched an inevitable social media scuffle Clarkson didn't deign to publicly acknowledge.

During a interview weeks later, however, Clarkson revealed she hadn't actually seen the tweets.

After being filled in on the body weight drama by the reporter, Clarkson responded,

She continued,

It's clear Clarkson has priorities other than feeding Internet trolls, like her toddler River Rose and her new album, Piece By Piece.

Hopkins, who often publicizes her disdain for anyone who isn't model-thin, tweeted:

Clarkson's fans were quick to support the singer.

In conclusion:

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