Kate Middleton Just Took Serious Style Inspiration From 'Frozen'


When you're royalty, it's a small world. Even the fictional one, apparently.

On Friday morning, Kate Middleton stepped out to attend a national service of thanksgiving at St. Paul's Cathedral in London. The special celebration was held as part of festivities for the 90th birthday of her grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth. What's a girl to do when the entire royal family assembles other than take inspiration from unexpected places?

The Duchess of Cambridge was photographed in a Catherine Walker coat dress and Jane Taylor hat, looking an awful lot like an extra from Disney's "Frozen." The bombshell gown Queen Elsa created out of frost and snow might've been a little sexier than Kate's demure pick, but that doesn't mean it's not similar. The powder blue overlaid with snowflake-like designs has me wanting to sing "Let It Go," which is annoying because I just got it out of my head.

In honor of this particular outfit, please recall the time Harlem school children were reportedly disappointed upon meeting Kate because they thought she'd be Princess Elsa. Coincidence? I think not.

Even Kate's hat bore flirty touches of ribbon and feather.

If that doesn't say "real-life Disney princess," I don't know what would.

All she needs now is a spunky animal sidekick and she's good.